Five Tips to Double Your Reading Speed

Many people would like to read more but don’t have the time. Reading is a fundamental skill everyone needs; the better one is at this skill, the better off life tends to be. Most people learn to read in school, and their reading skills tend to stay the same after they leave school. Some are more ambitious and are trying to take their reading skills to another level. Don’t say every word out loud. It reads faster, and it’s the hardest to beat.

When we first learned to read, we were taught to pronounce every word. This also helped spell the word correctly as well as pronounce the word correctly. Each dish takes much longer to say than it does to look at. When you look at the word and go to the next, the mind remembers what it was as it links the current word to the first. Looking at 2, 3, or more comments at once make it more accessible, which leads to our next suggestion.

Looking at each word and saying it goes a long way to completing a sentence. Once you’ve mastered looking at the word and not saying it, try two words, then three words. Reading multiple dishes at once allows your brain to grasp meaning faster, and you can move on to the next phase or phrase. It’s faster to read sentences than just reading each word.

With practice, this becomes second nature. Have a good sight. Don’t stop at every word or phrase. So fast you don’t understand what you see. As you look at the last word of the sentence, quickly move your eyes to the following line and see and move through the sentence. Don’t back down. One of the biggest obstacles to fast reading is going back.

It is natural to want a clear understanding of what is being read. With increasing reading speed, the tendency to regress becomes less and less. You must make a conscious effort to go forward and not go backward. As you move on, the word you may miss shouldn’t detract from the meaning.

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